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23. SS-Panzergrenader-regiment "Norge"
(Panserskipet "Norge" / Panzership "Norway")



23. Regiment "Norge" was formed 9/3 1943. Many volunteered from ”Den Norske Legion” (DNL) /Frw. Legion Norwegen , and about 700 Norwegians were in the barracks and training grounds. Others in this unit, were Hungarians - Volksdeutsche. Apart from ”Norge”, there was PzGrenRgt ”Danmark”, with about 1150 Danes.

Two other elements were also attached, a company from ”Germanske SS Norge”, led by Hauptsturmführer Olaf T Lindvig, the acting staff chief of GSSN, and a Pionier-Kompanie led by Reidar Hoel.

Again the number of Norwegians was disappointingly low, as Quisling had expected 3500 men to volunteer.

The men received very good and tough training, and being in this high-quality regiment suited everyone who wanted to build a professional career as a soldier or officer. At first, the Division was in the Balkans, mostly in Croatia, and participated in guard duties and anti-partisan warfare. In December 43 the division, minus their tank battalion, was sent to Oranienbaum near Leningrad, to lay siege to Russian forces remaining there.

During the USSR winter-offensive in Jan 44, Division “Nordland” had to fight their way back to Narva in the Baltic's, once again the Norwegians suffered great losses. The division held the so-called ”Panther-Stellung”, and fought in the famous battles of the Courland Pocket. In February 45, SS-Div "Nordland" was sent to Stettin, and it was finally destroyed in the ruins of Berlin, after the French “Charlemagne” Division had been ad hoc added to "Nordland", together with several Spanish, Dutch, Rumanian and ”Volksdeutsche” soldiers.

"MELDEVORDRUCK" for SS-Panzergrenaderregiment "Norge":

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